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According to the Annual Status of Education Report, the secondary level dropout rate in India is 17.06% due to socio-economic barricades. Every child must be provided an opportunity to harness his/her potential. With this objective in mind, Bhoomika Gurukul a senior-secondary co-ed residential school in the Jajpur District of Odisha, has been established to provide quality Education and Coaching to students to make them opportunity ready. Please donate to empower such poor students to make a career.


Education has been identified as one of the most important determinants of economic growth. It is also a powerful tool for reducing poverty and unemployment, improving health and nutritional standards, and achieving sustainable development. It is considered to be the most important means of enhancing personal attributes, overcoming constraints, and availing more opportunities for sustainable improvement in well-being.

As per a report by the World Bank, Indians are more constrained by the circumstances that they are born into when compared to other developing countries. This means that if not given an opportunity of proper education, chances of rising above the socio-economic strata they were born into would remain restricted.  Many communities and groups like tribal people and women have been historically excluded from formal education. According to the Annual Status of Education Report, the secondary level dropout rate in India is 17.06%. We at Bhoomika believe that access to education should not be hampered by socio-economic barricades. With this objective in mind, we aim to expand into the field of senior-secondary education by establishing a co-ed residential senior secondary school in the Jajpur District of Odisha (Bhoomika Gurukul). Approximately 240 students (120 in grade 11 and 120 in grade 12) from Rural, Tribal, and SC/ST communities shall be given admission after screening their SSC marks and an aptitude test. Tuition, Food, accommodations, and other academic expenses shall be taken care of by the organization. The curriculum shall be CBSE and the medium of instruction and communication at the school shall be English. Highly trained and experienced faculties and staff members shall be hired for educating and providing all kinds of support for the students. Apart from the educational aspect, importance shall be given to communications skill improvement and building an ecosystem that would impart quality knowledge and life skills. Per year expenditure for one single student would be INR 1.5 Lakhs, which would include academic expenses, books, Nutritious food, library, Coaching fee, and other needful things needed in day-to-day life. The total per-year expenditure for all the students (240 beneficiaries) would be INR 36,000,000. We wish to make this project a reality, and with your help and contributions, children from the most marginalized sections of the community will get a chance at a quality education.


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