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As envisioned Bhoomika works to provide free quality healthcare to the rural poor. through our 14 centers, we reach out to over 196 districts in Odisha and have helped reduce the burden of blindness by nearly 50% through our over 5,000 camps and 2,00,000 free surgeries. Our constant endeavor to enrich the lives of the marginalized has helped us grow at a substantial pace through our cross-subsidized approach and quality-conscious work.

Specializing in eye care we at Bhoomika today have extended our services to include :-

•   Tertiary care community hospitals

•   Covid hospitals

•   Community outreach initiatives

•   Capacity building

•   Women empowerment

•   Vocational education and more

We work closely with other community initiatives and government schemes to ensure that healthcare is not a challenge for the poor in Odisha and envision scaling our work across the country.

General Hospital


With a population of a few thousand, Jaraka is Jajpur is one of the poorest villages in Jajpur with nearly 30% of the population gainfully employed for less than 6 months and a sex ratio much lower than the state average With an aim of improving the health outcomes in this area in the year 2015, Bhoomika started the first General Hospital at Jaraka in Jajpur district, having different health care facilities including.


• Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G),

• Dental, General Surgery,

• Medicine and

•   Pediatrics

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