Almost 90% of people affected with vision impairment live in developing countries, where not being able to see often means a life of poverty. It's nearly impossible to work, feed yourself, or meet your basic needs. 

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Working on a cross-subsidized model, we at Bhoomika provide the state of the art facilities to both paying and free patients, as we believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to all. Across all our centers, we provide multiple facilities, which include:-

Eye Screening

Screening for any eye defect or illness, along with providing medicines for any abnormalities or advice on further action including surgery is done at our center by our team of qualified ophthalmologists.

New Born ROP Screening

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is an eye disease that can happen in premature babies. It causes abnormal blood vessels to grow in the retina, and can lead to blindness. We at Bhoomika provide complete   screening and treatment to help eliminate this preventable blindness in children.

Cataract Surgery

India accounts for 2 of every 3 blind people. 50% of this is preventable and is caused by Cataracts. We at Bhoomika pride ourselves on having conducted over 1,00,000 cataract surgeries and continue providing this, free of cost to the poor.

Phaco Surgery

Our centres are equipped with the Latest technology and are capable of conducting Phaco surgery where Spectacles and Eye care are needed.

Retina Surgery

Our team of experts provides all types of Retina surgery and other vision correction surgeries.

Patient Counselling

All our patients (Paying and free) are counseled by qualified counselors, this is not only to introduce them to the procedures they will be undergoing but also to clarify any of their doubts and comfort them from any fear.
All our centers provide spectacles and eye care medicines. We have distributed spectacles and eye care medicines in over 5400 camps organized by us.
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